An Adventurers Guide to Becoming an Entrepreneur in India

Skills Required for Young Successful Entrepreneurship

An Adventurer’s Guide to Being an Entrepreneur in India is a collection of short stories with ambitious plans and ideas by girls, boys, young women and men, entrepreneurs all, who make something out of nothing to change everything. They take on Climate Change, transform villages into sources of livelihood, set up sustainable enterprises, and provide renewable energy solutions to solve problems where they live. This book is made with love for generations of school girls and boys who want to change the world and make it a place where everyone and everything you love can co-exist and thrive.

An Adventurer’s Guide is in Hindi and English. The storybook is being read and actioned in school communities by children in Grade 9 in 1,000 Government Secondary Schools across Bihar.

A series of 13 same-language subtitled stories you can follow along and listen to here: