The Class of 2023

What do young people want to do in the world when they finish school?

We’ve spent a lot of time listening to young people across Bihar. Young women want to become policewomen, lawyers to make the world safe for other girls and women to go to school and work. Young men want to start problem-solving enterprises that take other young people along with them and take on what they see as a threat to everyone’s future: pollution, plastic, climate change.

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Get a Plan runs in 1,000 Government Secondary Schools across Bihar, India from Grade 9-12 for the next four years. Through an MOU with the Government of Bihar to support the printing of the stories and teacher training, it’s a groundbreaking commitment to young people and the future of Bihar.

Number of titles: 30
Languages: Hindi/English
Pages: 75
Publication: 2020

Go to Work Coalition
Map of Me [MOM]

Supporting the content in schools and young people’s transition to equitable work of their choice and/or ability to access start up capital to become entrepreneurs is the Go to Work Coalition of employers and finance. The Go to Work Coalition works across Bihar, Maharashtra, Karnataka and West Bengal, offline in Bihar and online through Map of Me [MOM] nationwide.

Map of Me is a mobile/digital platform designed to teach one million young people skills on the way to work in Bengaluru and Kolkata. Featuring what young people want to know about getting new jobs or becoming entrepreneurs, the channels also feature what’s up in the city. Street food, street art, music and street sports.